Ari Fletcher before surgery

Ari Fletcher Is the owner of KYCHE extensions. The gorgeous model has always been in the limelight due to her immense beauty and hot figure. But these days Ari Fletcher before surgery looks are the talk of the town.

Fans are comparing her before and after-surgery appearance. Some people appreciate her natural beauty while her fans say that she looks much better after a breast implant and lip surgery.

If you are curious to know about Ari Fletcher before surgery and after-surgery comparison. Keep reading, in this article, we will tell you everything about Ari Fletcher plastic surgery.

Ari Fletcher before surgery

Who is Ari Fletcher

Ariana Fletcher better known as Ari Fletcher is a social media influencer, business women, and model. She was born on 12 July 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She has collaborated with many popular brands. She has also worked with different news articles and magazines.

Ari Fletcher also owns her hair extensions business Known as KYCHE extensions. In 2013, when her elder brother died she decided to quit her education to support her family. She took all the responsibilities on her shoulders.

To support her family, she has worked in many spas, bars, and salons. She did not have a good relationship with her father, therefore, she moved in with her mother.

Ari Fletcher Relationship

She was in a relationship with American rapper Gherbo. Together the couple has a son named Yosohn Santana Wright. Afterward, she had an affair with the boxer Davis for some time. Currently, she is in a relationship with rapper Money Bagg Yo. She is open about her relationship and often posts pictures on Instagram.

Ari Fletcher before surgery

Ari Fletcher has always been vocal about plastic surgeries. She is not conscious of why did she go on under the knife to enhance her appearance. Fans are curious to know about Ari Fletcher before surgery appearance.

Ari Fletcher’s plastic surgeries

Celebrities like Kardashian and Ari Fletcher have created an idealized image of the perfect body these days. Due to this urge of achieving a perfect attractive body women all over the world are getting plastic surgeries to look like these influencers.

Ari Fletcher before surgery

Having a thick bust and breasts is the latest fashion trend. The Internet is filled with plastic surgery discussions about different celebrities. Most social media influencers have gone through many cosmetic procedures to achieve their ideal body.

According to experts such as Dr. Hector plazas, Ari Fletcher has gone through a breast lift and permanent bra surgery. The social media influencer has admitted to getting breast surgery. Ari Fletcher said that she has done Orbix Breast Supporting system.

ari flectcher before

She desired to lift her breast and for that, there is silicone inserted between the breast tissue and muscles. These procedures are not approved by the FDA, Still many women are blindly getting them done just to improve their looks.

Fan’s reaction to Ari Fletcher’s Surgeries

Most of her fans are appreciating her getting plastic surgeries. Some of her fans even said there is no harm in getting plastic surgery. In this modern world, everyone has the right to be what they desire.

Ari Fletcher before surgery

Until or unless the results are good, according to fans, there is no harm in getting cosmetic surgeries. Some people even say that Ari Fletcher looks much better after getting lip fillers, a butt implant, a breast implant, botox, and rhinoplasty.

Bottom line

There is a prominent difference between Ari Fletcher before surgery and after-surgery pictures. It is clear that she has got lips fillers, a nose job, a breast implant, and a butt implant. These surgeries are risky, especially when you get them from an unprofessional surgeon.

Ari Fletcher is lucky enough that she got her surgeries done by experts. None of her surgeries went wrong. In fact, her surgeries have improved her appearance.

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