Wisdom Teeth removed while Pregnant

While pregnancy fills your heart with happiness it also restricts you from a lot of work. Like when you visit a Japanese restaurant, you cannot eat Sushi, you cannot drink, or you can not consume specific medication. Women especially those who have conceived for the first time are nervous about a lot of things.

Women who are pregnant, are often confused about whether can we eat this, can we do this or that. One such query is about wisdom teeth removed while pregnant. A lot of people assume that if you are pregnant you can not go through oral surgery. If you desire to know the reality behind wisdom teeth removed while pregnant then you are at the right place we will tell you everything about oral surgery during pregnancy.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth or the third molars are the last set of teeth that grow as an adult. Wisdom teeth are located at the end of your mouth. Most of the time wisdom teeth grow properly and do not cause any problems but they can lead to severe pain if partially or fully trapped in your gums or jawbones.

The abnormality in the growth of the wisdom tooth can lead to gum disease, cavities, infection, or other oral health problems. Therefore, many dentists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth.

Tooth pain in pregnancy

Many women experience pain and discomfort in their teeth during pregnancy. Tooth pain in pregnancy is not as common as morning sickness. But you may have had a lot of women telling about their tooth pain during pregnancy story. During pregnancy, there are many hormonal changes taking place in the body which can sometimes result in dental plaque. Other than plaque, wisdom teeth can also be a reason for tooth pain during pregnancy. Wisdom tooth appears between 18-28 years.

Can you get your wisdom teeth removed while pregnant?

Many moms-to-be have queries related to having a wisdom tooth removed while pregnant. Most pregnant women suffer from tooth sensitivity and swelling due to hormonal changes still they are confused about getting oral surgery due to the fear of potential hazards to the baby. Find out the different processes involved during wisdom tooth removal and how they impact your pregnancy.

Is anesthesia safe during pregnancy

Before extracting the wisdom tooth, oral anesthesia is given to the patient to prevent pain and discomfort. Therefore, pregnant women can also take oral anesthesia. Strong oral anesthesia such as IV sedation and laughing gas can cause miscarriage therefore it is prohibited during pregnancy. 

You can use local anesthesia such as lidocaine. The dose of oral anesthesia is also reduced and the surgeon only uses a small amount of the medication.

Timing Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The second transistor is considered the best time for wisdom tooth extraction. The first three months can harm or impact the growth and development of the baby. During the third trimester, it is safe for tooth extraction but a pregnant woman cannot sit comfortably for a longer time period.

Due to health problems of many pregnant women teeth extraction is postponed till delivery. However, if you are in a good state of health during your pregnancy, you can get your wisdom tooth extracted.

The Safety of Medications Used in Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The prescription that your surgeon will give you will be safe to use during pregnancy. There are many painkillers and antibiotics which you can consume during pregnancy as they do not have any side effects on the fetus.

Do tooth extractions require X-rays and are those safe?

Before starting the surgical procedure it is important to take an x-ray for Diagnostic purposes. It is a General perception that pregnant women should avoid getting X-rays as the rays can harm the baby. If you have an abdominal X-Ray then you should wait until your delivery as it can possibly have an impact on your baby.


What about the X-ray of the wisdom tooth? X-Ray of wisdom tooth does not directly involve the exposure of the abdominal area to the radiation there is very less risk of impact on the fetus. The amount of X-rays involved in the diagnosis of wisdom tooth is very low so they can not cause any harmful effect. To further reduce possibilities of harmful effects, the surgeons take only a few pictures. A pregnant woman can wear leaded aprons and a collar shield to protect herself and the baby from radiation.


Whether it is a tooth extraction or any other procedure there are many concerns and risks connected to it, especially during pregnancy. However, the risk is not much high until or unless you are going through a complicated pregnancy. If you compare the risk of taking anesthesia and an x-ray is much lower than leaving an issue untreated.


Can you get a wisdom tooth removed while pregnant? Yes, you can get your wisdom tooth removed while pregnant. If you want, you can wait till your delivery. However, if you feel that the pain is unbearable and causing you facial swelling or infection it is better that you consult your dentist. It is a very rare wisdom tooth removal procedure had harmed any pregnant woman or her baby.

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