Pierre Boo Before Surgery And His Endorsement For Undergoing One

Platforms like Instagram and Tiktok bring tons of talent to the real world. Pierre Boo was raised to fame as part of these platforms in a couple of years. Having tens of millions of followers on Instagram and Tiktok, Boo is considered one the most influential personalities amongst Gen Z. He has a massive fan following. However, with so much fame comes a price one has to pay. 

Besides being known for his entertainment contributions, he often gets trolled over certain things. The turning point was when people pointed out his appearance after surgery and started talking about Pierre Boo before surgery. While some supported him for the decision, others were quick to bash him for going under the knife. 

However, there is so much more we can focus on when discussing the famous Tiktoker. So, without further ado, let’s learn more about his surgey and his take on the negativity regarding his surgery

Pierre Boo does the chin augmentations

It is obvious how significantly different Pierre Boo’s face is so unnatural from his prior appearance. Then, many people inquire as to what plastic surgery procedures he has had. The initial procedure is referred to as cheek implant surgery or cheekbone surgery.

The cheeks will be augmented, and the face will appear more symmetrical due to the operation. Implantation is referred to as implants. The purpose of this implant is to improve the face look.

To make the contour of the face more obvious, Pierre Boo wanted the upper cheekbones to be more prominent. He thinks he is more appealing now because of his symmetrical face.

Lip Augmentation Surgery by Pierre Boo

Pierre Lips seemed to be overflowing with implants. He appears to have undergone a lip augmentation procedure to get bigger, thicker lips than previously. The most common method for augmenting the lips involves injecting dermal filler, also referred to as lip filler. This dermal filler is typically injected around the lips and mouth. And the astonishing outcome is that Pierre Boo’s lips are now rather full.

Pierre and His Fame

Born in Paris, France, Pierre is mainly known for his Tiktok presence. He entertains people and is loved for his videos. From dance to lip sync and his life matters, he made videos on numerous areas of interest. But there was this one thing people talked about most: his plastic surgery. Soon after he made videos after undergoing cheekbone surgery, people could not help but trend the topic of Pierre Boo before surgery. He was compared with his previous looks. The majority of individuals did not find his decision suitable. But all of this did not affect his online fame. His number of followers kept increasing.  

How Boo Reacted to His Trolls? 

One of the most exciting facts about Pierre is that he is a massive advocate of plastic surgery. Before undergoing one, he supported others who got hate over choosing to enhance their beauty through surgery. So one might say that he had an idea about how people would react to his changed appearance, as plastic surgery is frowned upon. But that did not stop him. He decided for himself and went for it. And one cannot deny that he looks perfect. Even after people shaded hate over him, he still posted about how he thinks nothing is wrong with it. 

The Reversed Age

Choosing to change or enhance a feature on their body can result from many reasons people might have. While we cannot figure out the French tiktoker’s motivation, we can indeed witness that he got his age reversed. It was not like he did not look handsome before his surgery, but one cannot believe that he is above thirty, looking at his pictures. His facial features are now much more beautiful; complimenting them is his perfect body shape. There are many failed examples of plastic surgery that we see. Fortunately, he is not counted under them. 

Pierre Boo’s Supportive Fans and Family

It will not be untrue if one states that having a supportive fan following is a blessing. No matter how much you try to avoid controversies, social media can make anyone its prey. On the internet, it is the fans, and in real life, it is the family. The support and positivity you get from both of them matter a lot. Without this, it would be hard for one to survive. Pierre should consider himself lucky as he seems to have one of the best-supporting family members and fans. While he had a hard time, his boyfriend was a constant support. Meanwhile, he posted content on Instagram or Tiktok; his fans showered him with appreciation and love. 

Last Words

Social media is a powerful tool. Gone is the era when people had to wait hours to hear the news and know about people’s affairs. It is now just a matter of clicks, and you can get information about anything you like. Other than spreading the news, the internet is used to gain fame. We can witness many influencers making a good living out of what they have earned through social media. But there are always two sides to a scenario. 

Social media platforms can become a good source of income and entertainment, but criticism and sometimes immense hate come with that. Pierre Boo fell prey to the negative side of social media. He got hate for taking his own life decisions. The trolls grew as people took into notice Pierre Boo before surgery and compared him after the changes. However, the Tiktok sensation proved to be a strong individual with high self-esteem. He got over all the negativity since the start. This teaches us not to overwhelm ourselves with what others have to say. Live your life to the fullest and reveal yourself without any fears. 

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